Luxury Housewarming Gifts

Moving is a vital milestone that's praiseworthy of acknowledgement. That's why we're sharing the best housewarming gifts you can find online right away for friends, couples or anyone else who is celebrating this big accomplishment.

What's Housewarming?

A housewarming is a party occasionally held soon after moving into a new home. It is an event for the hosts of the new homes to present their new house to their friends, post-moving, and for friends to give gifts to furnish the new home. When everybody gathers together, they give appreciations for the new space and countless memories will be created in the years to come. As a way to memorialize such a significant occasion, it's customary to bring gifts for the owners on housewarming that will help them turn the roof and four walls into a home.

List Of Gift Ideas for Housewarming

Moving into a new home is an important event, whether it’s a new apartment or first-time home purchase, and housewarming gifts are always a welcoming gesture for the happy-but-overwhelmed mover. When a friend or family member makes that big move, you absolutely want to have some housewarming gift ideas on hand. Rivora  has rounded up the best quality housewarming gifts at a wide range of price points. You’ll find a Photo Frame, LED night lamp, remote holder, Spoon and fork set, and more to accompany a new chapter in your friends or family member’s life. Find below the best housewarming gifts to get inspired with.

1) Wood key holder with resin gateway of India sculpture | Home Decor

This wooden key holder blends smoothly with any home decor design and fits precisely on an entrance or exit. Best option is to gift it to a friend or family member at a housewarming party. Helps in keeping the keys arranged and it can be easily fixed in the bathroom to organize your accessories and necklaces.

2) Wood Serving Tray Geode Art Print Resin Lamination | Tray

Who wouldn’t love to receive this beautiful and attractive Wood Serving Tray with Geode Art Print Resin Lamination for an elegant serving? It stands out, doesn’t it? Get it for your family friends on the occasion of a housewarming party as a striking remembrance of your love and affection. Best choice to add an appealing look to one’s tableware set.

3) Wood Photo Frame With Shibori Stripes Art Print | Photo Frame

Let your friends and family celebrate in the beauty of time that stands still in front of their eyes in the form of photographs presented in an elegant Wood Photo Frame with Shibori Stripes Art Print. One of the best options is to gift your friends & family a housewarming party and make them cherish the best moments of their lives by displaying their photos in it. Whether it's a photo, an image, portrait, a document, or anything that can fit inside it, you can expect the frame to help preserve that moment.

4) Blue Pottery Hand Painted Floral Motif Utility Holder | Home / Office Organisers

Stylish and fabulously attractive gift option for an occasion of a housewarming party is our Utility Holder. A fashionable product that enhances the artistic appeal as it redecorates the area giving a fancy, cool and incredibly creative look. Utility holder is certainly one of the great gift options for several occasions like housewarming, anniversary, weddings and festivals like Diwali. Bring a smile to the faces of your friends & family by gifting this attractive Utility Holder on the special occasion of housewarming.

5) Natural Rose Quartz Coaster Set Of 4 | Tea & Table Coaster

Tea & Table Coaster is an optimistic option for gifting on housewarming to your friends and family. Natural Rose Quartz Coaster is an outstanding addition to the tableware and are picture-perfect as a coaster as they are a bit substantial. Discrete design makes them perfect for beverages and exclusive, durable decoration items. Their presence in the houses enhances beauty and adds a blazing touch to your tables.

6) Rustic Wood Textured Multipurpose Tissue Holder With Gold Motif | Home / Office Organisers

One of the best choices for family and friends is to gift textured multipurpose tissue holders for housewarming and show your gratitude towards them. Made out of high quality Rustic Wood, this  textured multipurpose tissue holder with gold motif will never lose the shine, meaning you’ll constantly see their sparkle on your desk and in your rooms! This delightful tissue holder is a multipurpose holder with shelves to store essentials in an organized way. Perfect gift for those who want to add a glam up to lavish homes.

7) Ethenic Handcrafted Spoon, Fork Set | Flatware

Ethenic Handcrafted Spoon, Fork Set features on modern design with pearled edges, exclusive and elegant. This set is the best option for gifting it to your Friends and family members who will love this set in their cutlery collection. On the special occasion of housewarming, gift your loved ones this lovely set to enhance their homes.

8) Home Décor Fibreglass Figurine Squirrel | Decor Objects

Squirrel figurines are very stylish, fine textured and impressively eye-catching gift options for gifting them on housewarming parties, since beautiful décor collectibles improve luxury and style of living. It is an exclusive handicraft product for home décor that enhances the aesthetic appeal. This squirrel figurine is very expressive and convincing perfect for indoor and outdoor décor art collection.

9) Blue Pottery Hand Painted Floral Motif Soap Dispenser | Bathroom Set

A beautiful blue pottery floral motif soap dispenser hand crafted by an expert artisan in Jaipur is an old-fashioned art hand painted in exciting colours and floral motifs. Best gifting option on a housewarming occasion for expressing affection towards your friends and family.

10) Wood Remote Holder With Sports Print | Home / Office Organisers

Best option for organizing homes by keeping Television, AC remotes and your essentials at hand is our Remote Holder. Best gift for giving on housewarming to keep their homes in an organized manner.